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We never believed it was enough to just accept. We were never satisfied with repeating the same things we’d been taught by coaches when we were kids. “Move your feet. Watch the ball.” If it were that simple, then there’d be a lot more Roger Federers playing tennis. Why isn’t it that simple? If you read our Who, then you know who we are: tennis coaches and tennis players, yes. But also a scientist and a philosopher.

This is the question that drives us, the one that we are constantly answering. Why? Why does Roger Federer’s forehand work so well? Why can Stanislas Wawrinka hit a backhand the way they he can? We take apart everything about the game. We deconstruct tennis – the technique, the tactics. But we don’t just stop there. We look for better ways to learn, and to teach.

The truth is, getting better is easier than people want to believe – if you’re willing to be uncomfortable. If you’re willing to step outside what you already know and believe about the game. We don’t just believe that we can help you. We know that we can, and we’ve proven it with people at all levels of the game. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just learning the sport, striving to win your club championships, or trying to break into the top 20 in the world.

There’s a better way to do things.

As tennis evolves, we’ll be right there. Care to join us?