Tactical Tennis is what you get when you combine 25+ years of college and professional coaching experience with a science-based approach to tennis. Founded with the goal of providing in-depth, insightful ideas regarding tennis, Tactical Tennis is a think-tank for improving the sport. Tackling everything from overviews of pro players, technique, to tactics,  nothing is off-limits. Every idea, concept and piece of dogma in tennis is open to challenge, and the answers come directly to you.

Between the two of them, Glen Hill and Jacob Meyer have paired up for more than a decade, winning collegiate coaching awards and working with highly ranked ATP players along the way. Glen has an undergraduate degree in physics, and a Masters degree in Engineering. Jacob is a philosopher (no really) turned biomechanist. Together they bring a truly unique perspective and understanding that will change the way you think about the sport of tennis.



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    • Hi Andrew,

      I’ve forwarded your message onto the community at reddit/tennis. I’m a little protective of my blog content at present since it is still relatively new, and I’m working on establishing a reputation. The good news is that reddit/tennis has a much larger community than my blog has followers.



  2. G’day Glen,

    I think you might have some problems with your site, I was just browsing through and I noticed a few little bugs:

    1. Your main page has as its top article “Can Stanislas Wawrinka beat Rafael Nadal”.

    2. Your “blog” category has your AO Quarter Finals Preview Pt 1 as the top article.

    3. In my RSS feed, I have “Building a singles game plan Pt 4” as the top article. This is otherwise not findable on your website.

    4. Both your email and facebook links don’t take me anywhere, so I had to submit the feedback here.

    I love you content…excited to see more of your writing and thoughts!



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